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10 Reasons Why I am a Gamer

I was just contemplating why I became a gamer, and stayed one. But the answers are easy.

1.) I grew up with an NES and SNES.

2.) I have fond memories of playing with my father, who has since passed away.

Even though my dad was handicapped, he was a professional classical bassist,

scientist, and sometimes gamer. Even though he couldn’t fully use his left hand,

he rocked the bass, and let me beat him at Secret of Mana.

3.) It enhances my writing.

Reading surely enriches my ability as a writer, but so do the deep worlds created in games.

4.) I adore the soundtracks, and listen to most of them when I am driving or cleaning.

5.) Most of my friends are gamers, to one degree or another.

6.) So is my husband

7.) I find the immersive worlds created in video games to be inspiring in my daily life.

8.) I love the conversations I have had with game enthusiasts, both

professional and amateur.

9.) I feel that games can be educational, and if you aren’t a moron

and let your kid play Grand Theft Auto at three, you’re good.

10.) I rock an automatic shotgun baby.

And the winner of 1Q84 is…..


Thank you everyone for commenting!

We will be doing some other cool giveaways

in the next few months,

from books

to music

to games and such

so check back

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I am normally focused when using my audible credits; I have a wish list, and try to stick to it. But when I saw a review of 1Q84 on the site, I instantly purchased it

Since the moment I began reading it, I was hooked. I’m only maybe 2 hours into the book, but Murakami’s storytelling is so impressive; the world he paints is so immersive, one feels as if they really were the characters portrayed.

Want to join me in reading Haruki Murakami‘s book? Good! Because I am giving a copy away; all three volumes were recently released in one book, so if you want it, leave a comment down below and I will choose the winner at random!

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