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Adonit: Writer for Ipad

I am looking forward to getting an ipad in a few weeks; I am trying to run 2 blogs, write for two additional websites, one newsletter and a few books. Not to mention I am a twitter addict (sigh) and gamer.
Anyhow, I hope to get the Adonit writer for Ipad. As soon as I do, I will give a thorough review, but just to break it down here:

-It is an IPAD case and keyboard.
– Specs:
Length: 246 mm (9.68”)
Width: 209.35 mm (8.24”)
Depth: 27.5 mm thin (1”)
Weight: 500 grams light (17.6 oz.)

– 3 Long Lasting AAA Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life:

* 1 Month of heavy use
* 2 Months of normal use
* 7 Months of standby use

– It looks wicked, like a mini briefcase but cooler.
-it’s on sale!

Check out Adonit at :

Silent Hill Downpour: without Akira Yamaoka…. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions

I have mixed feelings about Konami’s upcoming release in the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill: Downpour. Homecoming was a letdown in my opinion ( I will do a thorough review later). The soundtrack was the best thing it had going for it, as well as the graphics. Now, Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn will not be doing the OST. Fuck. I really cannot imagine the world of SH sans these two. I just can’t. I still haven’t played Shattered Memories ( although I do own it; I just hate remakes so I’m hesitant), which I will end up playing in the next few months.

I’ve viewed Downpour’s trailer and yeah, it looks like it could be good. I am really such a die hard fan of the series that I will play it no matter what. But not having Yamoka and co doing the soundtrack really pisses me off, as his music makes the series. I mean, I will play crappy graphics just as long as his music is scaring the hell out of me in the background. Can you picture Silent Hill 2 or 4 without his work??? No true fan could.
I don’t doubt that Daniel Licht will give it his best. I wish him all the luck in the world, because we Silent Hill fans are die hard, and maybe some of the most hard to please in the gaming world. We want the SH world to be left untainted by Hollywoodishness and left to what works. I think Licht has tremendous pressure, as if he fails to deliver, the series will pay.
Let’s hope for the best!!

Game Soundtracks


‘Hey, how about we watch a Uwe Boll flick later?’

‘Get the hell away from me. Jesus.’

Sorry, I had to make an impromptu shot at Uwe ( SORRY UWE!!)

Anyhow, I love game soundtracks. I mean, would Secret of Mana have been the same without Hiroki Kikuta’s amazing OST? No it wouldn’t. It would have still been good, but not the masterpiece that it is.

So here are my favs.

1.) Secret of Mana ( oh you saw this coming??)

One cannot be a gamer without loving SOM, especially the soundtrack. I don’t need to elaborate on this much, do I? I mean, the fight sequences were superb, and the soundtrack made them. So was when he got kicked out of the village ( I felt so sad for him).

2.) Baten Kaitos

I think the BK soundtrack is a masterpiece. It is something one can listen to all day long ( esp the fight music at work…). I think the game was a hidden gem, and it is one of my top 5 favorites.

3.) Legend of Zelda

I put this on the same level as Chrono Trigger. Both are amazing.

4.) Demento/Haunting Ground

The most fucked up, scary music ever. I mean, the game play is not terribly challenging in Demento but with this game soundtrack, it is.

5.) Resident Evil 4

LOVE THE GUITAR in this clip. The entire OST is perfect for the brilliant game. I love the save point music especially. Or was that the trader’s music. I have to replay it now!!

6.) Beyond Good and Evil

This could be my favorite game after Secret of Mana. It is perfection. If you haven’t played it, please do. And get ahold of the soundtrack, which is one of the best ever made. You can listen to it all day long and never get bored.

7.) The Clock Tower series OSTs

These babies are HARD TO FIND!!! What an amazing series…

8.) Kingdom Hearts OSTs

I listen to KH 1 and 2 more then any other soundtrack nowadays. They are sheer brilliance.

9.) Primal

A MUST PLAY, with an amazing soundtrack and score. Get BOTH.

10.) Deadly Premonition

So says calanagear….

11.) Princess Tomato

Chances are you haven’t played this classic. But you should. The music is 80s wonderful.

12.) Harvest Moon: It’s a wonderful life!

Did this game convince anyone they should move to a remote place in Japan? It did for me. Seriously. I want to live in Harvest Moon!!

13.) Mass Effect

This soundtrack was very unique, in my opinion. One of a kind.

14.) Indigo Prophecy

Another great OST and game!!

15.) The Silent Hill series ( ALL)

These are, by far, my top game soundtracks. My fav out of the series are 2 and 4, but I love the others just as much. Akira Yamaoka is an incredible artist and I know my days have been enriched by listening to his music.

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