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>RE 5 can’t beat RE 4… can it?

>Leon is one hot piece of ass…
resident evil Pictures, Images and Photos
I think everyone will agree ( or almost everyone) that Resident Evil 4 is possibly the best game ever made, or def. one of them ( I am still a fan of Secret of Mana and Beyond Good and Evil, but still, I can’t deny that RE 5 is in my top 5…). I’ve talked to a number of people for the past two years and all of them were really excited about RE 5 and felt it would beat 4.
How is that possible? RE 4 redefined the zombie genre, and every other genre practically. Zombies are annoying, don’t ever fucking die, and have no class. But the Resident Evil series always made them a little more interesting then other zombie games. Still, RE 4 made the enemies more varied and interesting. And, you can always buy and infinite rocket launcher to nail them before they even see you…
You had Lyon, who is a major bad ass, and graphics that are unbelievable for a Gamecube ( which is what I played it on). And what about the castles? The crazy villagers whose heads turn into some sort of parasite? You really think 5 can beat all of that?
I don’t think it can, and though the graphics look good, the screenshots and trailer didn’t leave me that impressed. The problem with it being set in Africa is that, depending on where in Africa,( I have been to Kenya and there are rainforest regions there as well as dessert) the terrain is going to be not a lush, cavernous, or mountainous; it looks like it’s going to be barren, which won’t make the boards that interesting.
Hey, I’d love to see zombies in Egypt, coming out of the pyramids or something. But not running after them through a few bazaars and then dune upon dune of sand.
Anyhow, I hope to be pleasantly surprised….

>Let’s talk about how pissed I am with Silent Hill: Homecoming

>I hate to start my ‘blog page’ off with a negative, vulgar review, but I’m going to have to: SH Homecoming really fucking let me down, and it let down all Silent Hill fans.
No, it didn’t.
Sorry about that. I am just sick of these idiots on amazon go on about how this is there second favorite Silent Hill game.
SH 5 was not done by Team Silent over at Konami, so the typical feeling that the SH games had was lost. Homecoming was quite good for the first 30 minutes ( the atmosphere, which is what makes the SH series so good, was intact).
Then things took a turn….
From glitches to annoying enemies, to almost no save spots or ammo/health kits, and a HORRIBLE menu system, the game became too easy to play and too difficult at the same time; enemies would be super easy but you had almost no ammo to kill them and had to run forever for a save point.
Thank god Akira was on board for the soundtrack, but still apart from Mary Elizabeth’s song ( one more soul to call) and the opera song when you are battling Scarlet ( who is a bitch when you have no fucking ammo), it wasn’t nearly as impressive as SH 2 and 4’s soundtracks.
There are times in this game where you can’t see anything ( I mean ANYTHING), which was a poor job on the testers part, if they had testers.
One really irritating flaw was that future destinations are circled on the map before they come into a plot, giving away what happens next. WTF???
So is the game worth buying? Yes if you are a desperate addict like me who has been waiting for years for Homecoming. Nevertheless, Gameinformer was right in giving it a 6.50

>Welcome to calanagear, where a girl gamer can rant and review

>Heaven\'s Night Pictures, Images and Photos
Hello fellow gamers! I am calanagear, a writer, mom, and avid gamer who is addicted to games that have depth and playability. My family and I currently reside in North Hollywood, California, but we wish we were back in Europe ( or Japan, so if anyone over there needs a game reviewer or writer, please feel free to hire me).
A little about myself:
Though I was born in the States, my mother is British and we moved to Antibes France when I was about 5. We traveled back and forth and then started renting a place in Singapore, which was an amazing opportunity for me to experience Asia. I began gaming at an early age ( I think 6 or 7) but discontinued playing, due to my not having owned a newer console ( I was a die hard NES SNES player). When I met my husband five years ago, I then advanced ( if you could say that) to XBOX and PS2 consoles, and have begun collecting vintage and hard to find games ( some of which were not marketed in the US).
We are somewhat in the film industry out here, as well as in the health industry. I collect classic horror films, especially foreign and 80’s/early 90’s flicks. I AM CONSTANTLY COLLECTING 80’S KIDS SHOWS SUCH AS READ ALL ABOUT IT!, TOMES AND TALISMANS, HEY DUDE, ETC. SO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY OLD NICK OR PBS STUFF.
I love atmosphere, I love survival horror games. I give good reviews.
What I write about on this blog:
~ games ( of course; this is what I mainly review here)
~ horror movies
~ kids shows from the 80’s-now, but there aren’t many good kids shows now
~ foreign films
~ books
Enjoy my site!

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