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>My favorite games: the list


So I have not been regularly posting with this blog until now, and hence have failed to put up my ‘top games’ list. To sum it up, my fav series is Silent Hill, with Clock Tower and Broken Sword series coming in second. I love survival horror but I do not only stay in that genre, and go anywhere from good RPGS ( mostly old school, like Secret of mana), shooters ( the ones that aren’t pointless), adventure games, PC/Mac stuff…really I play all genres.

What I cannot stand are games that have no point, aka ‘I’m pissed off today so I need to shoot something, and shoot for about 10 hours straight, killing anything in sight.’ Yeah, I love the infinite rocket launcher from Resident Evil 4, I love to yield a shotgun, but only if it serves a purpose.
So this is my list, and it obviously does not include everything, but it gives a good summary.

>Oh yes, Rule of Rose is awesome

So I have yet to do a review of Rule of Rose, but now that Fiona has finished my shoes, I will def be doing one in the next day or so. For now, I leave you with a pic:

>Bioshock 2: still the artistic stunner the first one was, and a good shooter

>little sister 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

While Hollywood is churning out more garbage with no soul or point,the gaming world is taking over the entertainment industry…not to distract people from their lives but to inspire, and to enrich.Bioshock blew me away. It set the bar on the creativity game designers/developers have to offer, tantalizing my mind as to what’s to come from 2k. On top of this, my Aldous Huxley obsessed self loves how the series gives a take on dystopia.
Moreover, the Bioshock series makes shooters beautiful, forcing other game producers to step it up ( hopefully…I always said Stranger’s Wrath was unique).
So how is 2 compared to 1? Different. It fixed some of the problems I had with the first ( namely, I wanted to interact more with the characters, and since you couldn’t do that with splicers, they needed to add non modified humans, which B2 did). But the plot ( and ending) was wishy washy.
Nonetheless, B2 was even more stunning then its prequel. The world of Rapture got a slight make over ( sort of) with a new cult of Sofia Lamb, the new god in town. Lambs daughter decides to not obey mommy’s rules, rejecting the dream world she inhabits. She yearns for her daddy…
BioShock Pictures, Images and Photos

The game takes you through the barnacle encrusted world, through splicers and the new Big Sister domain, thrusting you into battle with her ( and whoever else is around).
Bioshock Pictures, Images and Photos
All I can say is I hope some new bipolar psycho comes to take the reigns in this world, so we can all come back and play again.

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