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If you haven’t made the purchase of Fallout 3 yet, you are missing out…big time. Did you think that Bioshock was engrossing? So did I. And guess what? Fallout is about 100X more compelling and immersive than that. It seems that Bethesda understands that gamers want more interaction with characters and landscapes; not only do they want to beat the shit out of some asshole wanderer, but they also want to have a shot of scotch at the local pub and chat up the bartender.
Critics are claiming that Fallout it simply too complex, with more sidequests than possible to follow ( hey, what can I say? Bethesda likes sidequests people-deal with it). My only complaint is that if one chooses to stick with the main quest, the game will def. be obviously shorter than if you choose to help some ghouls or whatnot, which of course forces you to actually take an interest in strangers that approach you for help.
One of the other points of interest with Fallout 3 is the fantastic voice over and music. Liam Neeson plays dear old pop, and Clockwork Orange’s Malcom McDowell is the ominous President Eden. EVEN RON PERLMAN IS IN IT! Nothing pisses me off more than bad voice over ( like in Silent Hill 4, which was a great game but Henry Townshend could barely emote whatsoever…it was embarassing..), and Fallout 3 is putting a lot of games to shame ( it hurst me to insult SH 4 but what choice do I have?)
Final verdict: buy it, and contact Bethesda to thank them for such a beautiful piece of work.

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