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>Please Stop: An Open Letter to Uwe Boll

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There is something a lot of us gamers ( and anyone who has seen your films) have been wanting to convey for some time. I know you’ve seen the petitions, and I understand this must have caused you some pain ( hence your ‘ I am not a fucking retard like Michael Bay’ video). You are a passionate gamer, and I think that that’s fantastic; good for you!
Nonetheless, I think it’s time you take a second look at your films. Just put on House of The dead for 2 minutes. No, just two is necessary, Uwe. More than that can actually cause physical and mental damage, so please don’t subject yourself to what millions of poor, helpless viewers have done.
Now, ask yourself this question: does my film lack in any way?
I know this is hard, Uwe, but I’m sure you know the answer deep down inside. Can you hear that voice saying ‘please stop this insanity.’? Listen to it. Give in. You see, you are detracting millions of people from playing the video games you are turning into films. They go and see Alone in the Dark and begin to vomit from the horrific acting and writing and decide to never, ever play the origin bad ass game.
This is a crime, Uwe, and it needs to stop.
I am a big Bloodrayne fan, and though I think your depiction of it was OK ( it was the best of all your films, I guess…), I think it really has pissed off a lot of people who are now vowing to never try it out on a console. You see, I want a Bloodrayne 3, and that is unlikely to happen now.
And have you played he new Alone in the Dark? I have this premonition that your film somehow influenced the writers of it, and the final result is a pretty bad game.
I know Uwe. I know. But why not just PLAY the games and maybe-if you feel so inspired- write a story that you can read to your dog or pet? Why make a film?
I hope we have gotten somewhere, Uwe, and that you can spend a few years reflecting on my letter.

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