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>Ghost in the Sheet..what can I say

>Ghost in the Sheet Game Pictures, Images and Photos

I played this puppy a while ago…when we first moved to Korea. It was, well, odd. But odd is fine by me. The voice over is ATROCIOUS. The half assed sketchings for cut scenes….not sure if that’s working for me.

What I do like is that after playing so many shooters, this game was refreshing.I love adventure games. I don’t have to kill something to enjoy the game ( and NO, just because I am a woman does not mean I want to play some lame ass waste of time girly girl game….) It wasn’t action based ( not really) and had a humorous feel to it ( you’re a ghost that now wears a sheet and has a demeaning boss). I enjoyed the sountrack, the sarcasm, and the sets/design. I recc this to anyone who has patience of course enjoys PC games ( like I do).

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