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>RE 5 can’t beat RE 4… can it?

>Leon is one hot piece of ass…
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I think everyone will agree ( or almost everyone) that Resident Evil 4 is possibly the best game ever made, or def. one of them ( I am still a fan of Secret of Mana and Beyond Good and Evil, but still, I can’t deny that RE 5 is in my top 5…). I’ve talked to a number of people for the past two years and all of them were really excited about RE 5 and felt it would beat 4.
How is that possible? RE 4 redefined the zombie genre, and every other genre practically. Zombies are annoying, don’t ever fucking die, and have no class. But the Resident Evil series always made them a little more interesting then other zombie games. Still, RE 4 made the enemies more varied and interesting. And, you can always buy and infinite rocket launcher to nail them before they even see you…
You had Lyon, who is a major bad ass, and graphics that are unbelievable for a Gamecube ( which is what I played it on). And what about the castles? The crazy villagers whose heads turn into some sort of parasite? You really think 5 can beat all of that?
I don’t think it can, and though the graphics look good, the screenshots and trailer didn’t leave me that impressed. The problem with it being set in Africa is that, depending on where in Africa,( I have been to Kenya and there are rainforest regions there as well as dessert) the terrain is going to be not a lush, cavernous, or mountainous; it looks like it’s going to be barren, which won’t make the boards that interesting.
Hey, I’d love to see zombies in Egypt, coming out of the pyramids or something. But not running after them through a few bazaars and then dune upon dune of sand.
Anyhow, I hope to be pleasantly surprised….

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