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10 Reasons Why I am a Gamer

I was just contemplating why I became a gamer, and stayed one. But the answers are easy.

1.) I grew up with an NES and SNES.

2.) I have fond memories of playing with my father, who has since passed away.

Even though my dad was handicapped, he was a professional classical bassist,

scientist, and sometimes gamer. Even though he couldn’t fully use his left hand,

he rocked the bass, and let me beat him at Secret of Mana.

3.) It enhances my writing.

Reading surely enriches my ability as a writer, but so do the deep worlds created in games.

4.) I adore the soundtracks, and listen to most of them when I am driving or cleaning.

5.) Most of my friends are gamers, to one degree or another.

6.) So is my husband

7.) I find the immersive worlds created in video games to be inspiring in my daily life.

8.) I love the conversations I have had with game enthusiasts, both

professional and amateur.

9.) I feel that games can be educational, and if you aren’t a moron

and let your kid play Grand Theft Auto at three, you’re good.

10.) I rock an automatic shotgun baby.


Halloween in Nilbog

Some pics from our Halloween day.

One of the Lost Boys, and the ‘pumpkin pirate’.

Soundtrack to the day

Vinnie Rattolle’s awesome compilations (click the album)

The Monster Club ( click the album for the link)

Movies for the evening

Halloween isn’t for wimps. It’s for maniacs.

Paju - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions

So, when I lived in Paju, South Korea, I made some great friends. Here I am with Jihoe ( she is single, just to let you know…)

I got to finally meet fellow otaku AngelEena ( who flew with hubby Jonathan to meet up with us).

Won a contest for Caffee Ti-amo. Got a pretty cool gift card.

And got royally bossed around by our daughter. She was about 20 months at the time; we lived their for a year, and celebrated her 2 year birthday at a kawaii coffee shop and play center.

I miss Paju and hope to return one day!

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