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Black Christmas and other festive things….

Black Christmas

Getting festive?

For our deranged family ( Ok…I’m the deranged one) we have a tradition of watching the ORIGINAL Black Christmas.It’s a classic. We had the fortune of watching it at a revival theater in LA, and that actor from A Christmas Story ( the one that got his tongue stuck to the poll, not the now porn star) gave a little intro speech. On top of that, John Saxon spoke for about 30 minutes!! HUGE fan of his work! And, my husband won some random porno.

I haven’t seen Black Christmas before and wasn’t sure what to expect, although the preamble sold me from the getgo. We loved it and now it goes along with Scrooged in our must watch movies of the holiday season. Oh, and Christmas Evil ( A MUST WATCH). Please note: there was a (gulp) remake of Black Christmas, and you want to avoid that at all costs. It will scare you to death, and not in a good way. In that ‘WHY….WHY????” way that many of us feel when we watch remakes. Yeah. Not a good feeling is it? So don’t go there.

What’s your favorite Christmas horror flick? I would love to know, seriously.

Why Chicks Dig Horror



It always stuns me how many ladies love horror. Not because I assume women scare more easily ( we don’t) but because it is somewhat contrary to what the mainstream chick is supposed to love. Yet I know some very, very conservative moms who yes, love horror. They bake, cook, and some homeschool like I do, and yet there they are, talking about vampires and such.


And not the glittery ones.


So I tried to figure out why this is, and I reflected on why I love horror. I love it because I believe that many horror films have more depth than non horror, with the exception of fantasy and sci fi. They have better sets. They have more complex characters ( in general) and most have kick ass soundtracks.

I consider myself a horror connoisseur, so addicted to this genre that my Christmas list usually consists of hard to find VHS or just released horror TV shows. Stuff that you only find on ioffer and ebay, sold by fanatics who ripped the stuff themselves. My particular love is currently Asian horror, as I feel they surpass most of modern Hollywood crap. Period. I noticed when I lived in Korea how much of a contrast there is from day to day life and business to what their film industry produces. In Paju, most of the businesses were cookie cutter, aka phone store next to cafe next to phone store. People rarely broke that chain and say opened a lingerie store or something like that. Even in Seoul, generic stores and chains of a certain type were dominant.

Not in film. Their movies throw it all out there. They do whatever they want, as does Japan. They make disturbing stuff that has elements and layers to it that can take a lot of thought to figure out ( if one ever does).
I believe more and more women will enjoy horror, especially after this ( bizarre) Twilight obsession. What can I say, ladies love the undead!


Can gamers save the world?

Can gamers save the world?

I was just watching this intriguing Ted talks with designer Dr. Jane McGonigal and I have mixed feelings. For one, HELL YES WE CAN is running through my mind. I am a gamer, a geek, and an activist. And look at Anonymous, I am going to bet some of those hacktivists are gamers but even if they aren’t they are still geeks.

On the other hand, I watched another TED talks prior to McGonigal’s and it disturbed me. I know people whose kids are completely disattached from them and are going through some serious issues. They don’t want to be disturbed, they are unimpressed by whatever tech gifts their parents got them (read, ungrateful) and just 24/7 feel let down by society and just want as little to do with it as possible. They’ve pushed their loved ones away, and it’s gone beyond just being a phase.

No, I don’t blame gaming. I blame society, for being as screwed up as it is. But can gaming be harmful or put another way, can it have an adverse affect on people? Of course it can, so can most things. Take TV for example ( which, if I can give my 2 cents, is A LOT worse than gaming on a person’s health). Some people can just watch their favorite shows for an hour or two, then turn the thing off. Others cannot get enough of the new bullshit flavor of reality TV crap du jour. Some gamers can play a game and once they have beat it, take a break, or maybe they only play for a little bit at a time. Others are balls to the walls.

It’s subjective.

So the real answer to can gamers save the world is it depends on the gamer. The beautiful realms we traverse in games are certainly inspirational. The epic wins we have can influence our daily lives, absolutely! And yeah, as McGonigal says, in real life does someone award us experience points? They fucking should, but no.

So it’s a two sided argument as to whether gaming is harmful or helpful. Because it can be both. The real question to ask is how can we help those who are finding it harmful. Are they being negligent of their families? Are they having eye strain, I mean, what is happening and how can it be changed? People like me, who find gaming helpful and motivational even, we are doing fine. We are learning from the gaming world and maybe even implementing it here.

But the possibility is there, for gamers to really have something that has been overlooked. A skill we have been honing under the radar. It just depends on us.


Get excited and get ready to run. Resident Evil 6 is coming and coming soon.

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Resident Evil is a series with a few hits, a few misses, and a ton of places with hobbyist horticulture.

While the series was one of the first in the realms of survival horror the last few entries as pulled themselves away from those roots.

RE:4’s tight game play was a fantastic change from the horrid clunky controls of yesterday with it came a focus on action and utter neglect for the impending doom that is survival horror. The sales were good and many the game garnered many new fans to the series. While it’s always nice to see games going in a different direction this set forth a notion that Resident Evil should be about action more than its horror roots.

As the trend continued in the movies, Resident Evil 5, and a few of the hand held games the core fan base developed a bad taste in its mouth. Soured doubly by the newer action titles having gamely issues. To the mouth of the fan base this was acrid, RE4 was different, but accepted and gloriously praised for it’s tight concise game play. To remove both pieces of the series’s current strong points was a poison Capcom had it’s hands full trying to cure.

Raccoon City Operations appeared filling the void with a solid mulitplayer from a fresh, albeit horrific, perspective.With the release of RE:Revelations  we saw a step in the right direction. The impending doom of survival right on your heals and action akin to RE:Mercenaries, but with improved elements everyone began to turn their disillusioned faces back towards the series.

They waited looking for scraps Now with Capcom being quiet for months about a new release we were treated to a surprise. A teaser for RE:6 appeared….and then finally out of the shadows appeared a ton of information at PAX East this last weekend.

Here’s the new trailer

The game will able to be played Single player or co-op, Online and Offline with drop-in and out support. There’s a new action system that will hopefully fulfill the efficient game play needed to maintain the series’s improved image in controls. The game is also supposed to feature new enemies created by the C-Virus.

With the new direction of the series, hopefully we will a combination of the improved action and game play with the lurking malice that is its survival horror roots.

I’m excited and I hope you are too…..I just hope I can run faster than you.

Dark Shadows Trailer


Kony 2012 Director Improvs a Possible Sims Game Trailer Montage

Kim Dotcom Interview


I have strong convictions about this whole mess, and basically agree with Kim, re that this is politically motivated. What are your thoughts?

Dark Shadows movie

So, Tim Burton and his familiar bunch are doing a Dark Shadows inspired flick. Sounded great to me, until I saw this photo, and then thought ‘oh that’s right, it will look like his crappy Willy Wonka, with the obvious makeup. NOT the Burton I grew up watching.’

I think Johnny Depp is a great actor, but I was so irritated by his Wonka portrayal that it put me off. And the latest Pirates movie looked very meh indeed.



Well I hope I am wrong about this, as both a pre overly CGI Burton fan and huge Dark Shadows addict.

What’s your take?

10 Reasons Why I am a Gamer

I was just contemplating why I became a gamer, and stayed one. But the answers are easy.

1.) I grew up with an NES and SNES.

2.) I have fond memories of playing with my father, who has since passed away.

Even though my dad was handicapped, he was a professional classical bassist,

scientist, and sometimes gamer. Even though he couldn’t fully use his left hand,

he rocked the bass, and let me beat him at Secret of Mana.

3.) It enhances my writing.

Reading surely enriches my ability as a writer, but so do the deep worlds created in games.

4.) I adore the soundtracks, and listen to most of them when I am driving or cleaning.

5.) Most of my friends are gamers, to one degree or another.

6.) So is my husband

7.) I find the immersive worlds created in video games to be inspiring in my daily life.

8.) I love the conversations I have had with game enthusiasts, both

professional and amateur.

9.) I feel that games can be educational, and if you aren’t a moron

and let your kid play Grand Theft Auto at three, you’re good.

10.) I rock an automatic shotgun baby.

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