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Oh, it’s that time of the year… - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions

No, I was not referring to Christmas ( my second favorite holiday). Alas, I am referring to the one where we all try to look scary, slutty, or pathetic ( or all three). Ahhh, Halloween.

So we have begun decorating ( actually we began September 1st as you have to admit, September sucks…. unless your Birthday is in that month, in which case I’m sorry).

So, how do I celebrate this lovely time of the year? Well, we take it very, very seriously. I’m working on creating a list of movies that we draw from a bucket or tin or skull and then watch whichever we pull out. That works for me

Then, we need some ambiance don’t we? But I don’t want to scare my 3.5 year old to death. Thus I am trying to find both ‘fun’ ( aka monster mash) and atmospheric. Going to go the soundtrack route, as I usually do.

What are you doing for Halloween? Have you started already?

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