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>Bioshock 2: still the artistic stunner the first one was, and a good shooter

>little sister 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

While Hollywood is churning out more garbage with no soul or point,the gaming world is taking over the entertainment industry…not to distract people from their lives but to inspire, and to enrich.Bioshock blew me away. It set the bar on the creativity game designers/developers have to offer, tantalizing my mind as to what’s to come from 2k. On top of this, my Aldous Huxley obsessed self loves how the series gives a take on dystopia.
Moreover, the Bioshock series makes shooters beautiful, forcing other game producers to step it up ( hopefully…I always said Stranger’s Wrath was unique).
So how is 2 compared to 1? Different. It fixed some of the problems I had with the first ( namely, I wanted to interact more with the characters, and since you couldn’t do that with splicers, they needed to add non modified humans, which B2 did). But the plot ( and ending) was wishy washy.
Nonetheless, B2 was even more stunning then its prequel. The world of Rapture got a slight make over ( sort of) with a new cult of Sofia Lamb, the new god in town. Lambs daughter decides to not obey mommy’s rules, rejecting the dream world she inhabits. She yearns for her daddy…
BioShock Pictures, Images and Photos

The game takes you through the barnacle encrusted world, through splicers and the new Big Sister domain, thrusting you into battle with her ( and whoever else is around).
Bioshock Pictures, Images and Photos
All I can say is I hope some new bipolar psycho comes to take the reigns in this world, so we can all come back and play again.

Deadly Premonition

>Deadly Premonition Pictures, Images and Photos

We just read the perfect review of Deadly Premonition on amazon, so I felt prompted to review it myself. I loved the game, let me just say that. It is a rare gem in a flood of piece of shit sequels. However, certain things are terrible about it ( controls…I mean TERRIBLE). I don’t think fighting should have ever been used in the game; they could have just done it Dream Fall style with a little hand to hand combat once and a while, or just for the boss fights. The Silent Hill-meets-Ju-on style enemies were annoying as hell, not fun or enjoyable to fight.
Anyhow I am going to avoid the obvious flaws and go over how amazing the depth is of the characters, sets, and how the mysterious ‘SWERY’ is someone I would love to have a conversation with…
deadly premonition Pictures, Images and Photos

What I love about Deadly Premonition is the attention given to its fucked up characters. Each has a delightfully alluring quality and depth that really puts the game in a league of its own. My favorite by far is Zach/York. I have somewhat become obsessed with the aloof, chain smoking detective driven by a voice in his head he has no problem admitting talking to. Since I am a GIANT fan of detective/PI movies/shows, I can’t help adore him. SWERY has to be a fan as well, there is no way he isn’t. I keep thinking back to my fav short in the Animatrix, you know this one.
Detective Story (Animatrix) Pictures, Images and Photos
I like detectives because they are always badass and severely strange. I love that about them. York and his OCD nature, his love and need for a good cup of joe that he uses to read the future ( I craved coffee every day I played it…and thankfully I had this really good organic herb infused stuff…it was awesome).I mean fuck I want to marry him ( no offense honey…).
One of my favorite sets in the game is the hotel York stays at, along with the semi def owner. Hey, it has a great breakfast buffet…
The supposedly Twin Peaks inspired ( or it appears to some that way) red room dream sequence ( where Zach is) really took my breath away, and reminded me a lot of Shadow of Destiny ( A MUST BUY…thank you Konami, yet again)
Shadow of destiny- without eike Pictures, Images and Photos
To return to some of the major flaws in the game, the driving sucks. The map is way, way too big. It takes FOREVER to get anywhere. And with the soundtrack going on and on and York talking to himself….
The ending/plot is…meh. But again it matters not. You have to play Deadly Premonition for the artistic details, not to get your shooter on. There are other games for that purpose…many.

>Parasite Eve

>Parasite Eve Pictures, Images and PhotosSo, I am FINALLY playing Parasite Eve. It’s shocking it has taken me so long to finally play it but I am now, and love it. Here’s why.

Parasite Eve Pictures, Images and Photos

I love details, ie sets, costumes, music, intricate stories….I love when characters can drink and eat ( thought the Sims is a bit too much). I would have loved to stop by a fucked up cafe in Bioshock, sat down and had a drink. Oh well.
Anyhow, PE is ALL abou detail, from the detailed Central Park to the coffee pot brewing in the Police Station. On top of this, the whole scientific element of PE regarding the power of the mitochondria…this game truly is one of the best I have played. I still haven’t finished, but I will shortly.
PS Here is the soundtrack, which rocks.

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