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>Welcome to calanagear, where a girl gamer can rant and review

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Hello fellow gamers! I am calanagear, a writer, mom, and avid gamer who is addicted to games that have depth and playability. My family and I currently reside in North Hollywood, California, but we wish we were back in Europe ( or Japan, so if anyone over there needs a game reviewer or writer, please feel free to hire me).
A little about myself:
Though I was born in the States, my mother is British and we moved to Antibes France when I was about 5. We traveled back and forth and then started renting a place in Singapore, which was an amazing opportunity for me to experience Asia. I began gaming at an early age ( I think 6 or 7) but discontinued playing, due to my not having owned a newer console ( I was a die hard NES SNES player). When I met my husband five years ago, I then advanced ( if you could say that) to XBOX and PS2 consoles, and have begun collecting vintage and hard to find games ( some of which were not marketed in the US).
We are somewhat in the film industry out here, as well as in the health industry. I collect classic horror films, especially foreign and 80’s/early 90’s flicks. I AM CONSTANTLY COLLECTING 80’S KIDS SHOWS SUCH AS READ ALL ABOUT IT!, TOMES AND TALISMANS, HEY DUDE, ETC. SO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY OLD NICK OR PBS STUFF.
I love atmosphere, I love survival horror games. I give good reviews.
What I write about on this blog:
~ games ( of course; this is what I mainly review here)
~ horror movies
~ kids shows from the 80’s-now, but there aren’t many good kids shows now
~ foreign films
~ books
Enjoy my site!

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