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I like diversity in my life people. I like having a little bit of everything. I would not want my child to attend an all girls schools, nor would I want to live in an all white neighborhood. I am a gamer and a mom, and those two things seem to contradict each other in today’s society, and that is SAD. I ran into one mom with her son in EB and he had just had his XBOX crash. I talked with him about his plight, and the mother looked at me like I was psycho for knowing about what he was talking about ( I was about 7 months pregnant at the time as well).
My husband and I are subscribers and addicts of game informer. We love their articulate and many times spot on reviews. But why are there no girl gamers providing articles? What, do we all suck at gaming ( no buddy, we don’t…) and are unable to review Halo? Give me a break! And are there any African American writers providing content? I don’t think there are. What about any gay guys? At the same EB I saw that mother and son at, I know a gay guy that works there and is a MAJOR gamer. He said he had seen some not very gay friendly reviews that disturbed him, and wrote to gameinformer. They never responded.
This is really, really sad. There should be no politics, and no judgment in the gaming world, and obviously game informer is not observing this. It really irritates me….

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