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I am a a plethora of contradictory things, but for the sake of this blog I will stick with detailing my geekish side. If you want a glimpse into our family life, check out my travel and lifestyle blog .

I am in love with obscure movies, especially horror or giallo. My favorite director is Kiyoshi Kurosawa but Argento runs a close second, and others are Neil Jordan, Christophe Gans ( not because of the Silent Hill film, as I thought it was meh), Terry Gilliam, The Pang Brothers, Stanley Kubrick, and other visionaries. I’m passionate about old school kids movies, such as Nick GAS, 70s/80s ITV, and TV Ontario shows. Think Tomes and Talismans, The Tomorrow People, Read All About it, Today’s Special, etc. Here and here you can see my top fav movies.

Note: I collect hard to find soundtracks. If you happen to have anything hard to find that you think is up my alley, let me know please! Currently want the OST to Transylvania 6-5000

I collect VHS and yet sadly lack a VHS player ( need to fix that). I feel my collection has yet to be rivaled by my female rivals.

In love with gaming, and like my passion for movies and B rate TV shows, I  adore obscure series such as Silent Hill, Clock Tower, Oddworld, and anything atmospheric and immersive. To see my fav games, click here.

Love anything dystopian-themed, and/or cyberpunk.

Love spicy food ( habanero goes with EVERYTHING in my book).

Tea connoisseur. Herbal medicine lover.


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  1. Somehow missed that you set up this blog. I look forward to checking it out more! Enjoyed your H’ween movie pics vid.


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