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>My favorite games: the list


So I have not been regularly posting with this blog until now, and hence have failed to put up my ‘top games’ list. To sum it up, my fav series is Silent Hill, with Clock Tower and Broken Sword series coming in second. I love survival horror but I do not only stay in that genre, and go anywhere from good RPGS ( mostly old school, like Secret of mana), shooters ( the ones that aren’t pointless), adventure games, PC/Mac stuff…really I play all genres.

What I cannot stand are games that have no point, aka ‘I’m pissed off today so I need to shoot something, and shoot for about 10 hours straight, killing anything in sight.’ Yeah, I love the infinite rocket launcher from Resident Evil 4, I love to yield a shotgun, but only if it serves a purpose.
So this is my list, and it obviously does not include everything, but it gives a good summary.


>Ok guys and gals… I am going to go where practically every gamer has ever gone, and that’s to my favorite game list. Yes, everyone has one. And yes, Secret of Mana is on everyone’s list, or should be. But some of the best games ever made have gone unnoticed, unplayed, ignored… and therefore no sequels have been made. It’s a disgrace. Please play those that you haven’t played, and enjoy the artwork and creativity behind them.
1.) Beyond Good and Evil, directed by Michel Ancel
Beyond Good and Evil Pictures, Images and Photos
In a world dissimilar to our own ( sarcasm) where a government is conspiring against its people, Jade and her uncle Pey’j must photograph and report crimes that they see being committed behind closed doors in order to alert the Hyllians ( the townspeople) of what is going on. This game is close to my heart, and could be my favorite of all time.
2.) Primal, writer Jonathan Ashley
primal-wraith Pictures, Images and Photos
You are a bad ass named Jen tate ( Hudson Leick does an amazing job with voiceover) who travels to many worlds with her sidekick, a gargoyle name Scree ( amazing, amazing job by actor Andreas Katsulas. She can morph into various creatures and kick the ass of villains, all in the name of saving her love…
3.) Secret Of Mana
secret mana Pictures, Images and Photos
If you haven’t played it, i really don’t know what to say.
4.) Silent Hill 0-5 ( though five was so so), Konami
Silent Hill Pictures, Images and Photos
I could honestly go on for hours about how good the Silent Hill series is. I am a devout fan, but not because it is a horror game. There is a certain type of eerie beauty to the town of Silent Hill, and it’s visitors all have pasts that are intriguing and alluring. The soundtracks are the best of any series ( thank you Akira, thank you). My favs, in order: SH1,2, 4, 3, 0, 5. Two probably has the best plot and embodies the haunting allure of the series the most, but the first in the series is still the best, I think… SH 4 is frequently dissed and hated, but I loved it so much. SH 5 is by far the worst, and I wrote a detailed review of why it was bad on under E. Kelsey, which is my name.
Shadow of Destiny, writer Junko Kawano
Shadow of destiny Pictures, Images and Photos
You want a unique game? Then get this. I loved it. Follow Eike as he tries to prevent his death by traveling back in time…
6.) Clock Tower series
Clock Tower 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
3 Pictures, Images and Photos
My second favorite series. There are 4, but the very first was only released in Japan ( I got ahold of it ‘somehow’). The third is different than the others, but still as good ( SCARY AS HELL).
7.) Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, director Lani Minella
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Pictures, Images and Photos
Holy shit, is this game challenging at times ( the initial chase sequence is hard as hell, and sneaking around the Innsmouth is equally difficult). HP Lovecraft’s Shadow Over Innsmouth is combined with Call of Cthulhu, and boy, did they get the graphics and feel spot on…
8.) Haunting Ground/ Demento,director Kazuhiro Tsuchiya
Room3 Pictures, Images and Photos
You are abducted and are currently residing in a manor filled with evil fucks who happen to want to kill you and take your essence. Oh, and your only weapon is a dog, and how well you can hide… Not for those of you who prefer a good ‘ol shooter ( and I do as well) but one of my favs for atmosphere. Scary as hell.
9.)Indigo Prophecy, director David Cage
Indigo Prophecy Pictures, Images and Photos
You were momentarily possessed into killing a stranger and now hold the key to the fate of the world. hell yes.
10.) Resident Evil series, of course
resident Evil directors cut Pictures, Images and Photos
Zombies suck. They regenerate and are annoying. But the resident evil series hit the nail on the head with balancing how annoying they are, and how much damage you can do to them…
11.) Bloodrayne series
BloodRayne cover Pictures, Images and Photos
Before you think I am talking about Uwe’s piece of garbage movie, hold on; the games are EXCELLENT with innovative fill modes and weapons.
12.) Mario Bros/ Super Mario series
Super Mario Confrontation Pictures, Images and Photos
This is obvious. I even loved the movie. But back to gaming: there are so many Mario games that people haven’t played, like Mario’s missing. Become a collector and go find all of those relics that are timeless.
13.) Eternal Darkness, director Dennis Dyack
Eternal Darkness Pictures, Images and Photos
Scariest game ever made, hands down. Very Lovecrafty.
14.) Oddworld series
Oddworld Pictures, Images and Photos
Abe’s game and Stranger’s Wrath rock.
15.) Rule of Rose
Rule of Rose Pictures, Images and Photos
Another game with a dog, yeah yeah.. but it is so good and eerie! Fantastic, hard to find soundtrack…
16.)Dreamfall: The longest Journey, Ragnar Tornquist
dreamfall Pictures, Images and Photos
Some creepy little girl keeps trying to contact you ala Ringu. I love this game, but the ending is bad.
17.)Baten Kaitos
baten kaitos Pictures, Images and Photos
Possibly the most beautiful game ever made. And a complete new take on the typical RPG combat system. FANTASTIC SOUNDTRACK
18.) Okage Shadow King
Okage Wall paper Pictures, Images and Photos
You have been taken as a slave by your pissed off, Woody allen-esque shadow. What a great RPG, with Tim Burton graphics…
19.) American McGee’s Alice
alice Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh, Alice got a makeover all right, and took a walk on the survival horror side…
20.) Bioshock,
bioshock Pictures, Images and Photos
Bioshock blew everyone’s mind when the demo came out, then mesmerized when it was actually released. It provided the gamer with the ability to really interact with the environment, and pushed you to ‘genetically enhance yourself in order to fight the fucked up freaks that roam the city..
21.) Fallout 3
Bioshock was a work of art, and Fallout 3 joins it.
22.) Broken Sword series ( oh, how I love it…)
Broken Sword SOTT Pictures, Images and Photos
You are a globe trotting, suave guy with your on off French Girlfriend Nico. You get into a lot of trouble on your many adventures.

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