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Monthly Archives: November 2010

>’US Zombie Empire: Re-distributed bailout would mean $350,000 per American’

>This is a great interview with cartoonist Ted Rall, who points out the absurdity of the US government, how it treats it citizens and the world, its wars, and how people ned to wake up to the atrocities it causes.

>OK OK I am now reviewing Asian horror…

>I can’t help it. I am a MAJOR gamer but yet love movies, hence I will review my fav here. I can’t help it; my holistic parent of a self still is addicted to Asia horror ( OK, all horror to be honest, but specifically Asian).
I am going to review, in my next posts, reviews of:
Bad guy
Neighbor 13
Pon ( Phone) and to be really honest with you, it is part of the reason I moved to Korea…
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
Nightmare Detective

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