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Get excited and get ready to run. Resident Evil 6 is coming and coming soon.

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Resident Evil is a series with a few hits, a few misses, and a ton of places with hobbyist horticulture.

While the series was one of the first in the realms of survival horror the last few entries as pulled themselves away from those roots.

RE:4’s tight game play was a fantastic change from the horrid clunky controls of yesterday with it came a focus on action and utter neglect for the impending doom that is survival horror. The sales were good and many the game garnered many new fans to the series. While it’s always nice to see games going in a different direction this set forth a notion that Resident Evil should be about action more than its horror roots.

As the trend continued in the movies, Resident Evil 5, and a few of the hand held games the core fan base developed a bad taste in its mouth. Soured doubly by the newer action titles having gamely issues. To the mouth of the fan base this was acrid, RE4 was different, but accepted and gloriously praised for it’s tight concise game play. To remove both pieces of the series’s current strong points was a poison Capcom had it’s hands full trying to cure.

Raccoon City Operations appeared filling the void with a solid mulitplayer from a fresh, albeit horrific, perspective.With the release of RE:Revelations  we saw a step in the right direction. The impending doom of survival right on your heals and action akin to RE:Mercenaries, but with improved elements everyone began to turn their disillusioned faces back towards the series.

They waited looking for scraps Now with Capcom being quiet for months about a new release we were treated to a surprise. A teaser for RE:6 appeared….and then finally out of the shadows appeared a ton of information at PAX East this last weekend.

Here’s the new trailer

The game will able to be played Single player or co-op, Online and Offline with drop-in and out support. There’s a new action system that will hopefully fulfill the efficient game play needed to maintain the series’s improved image in controls. The game is also supposed to feature new enemies created by the C-Virus.

With the new direction of the series, hopefully we will a combination of the improved action and game play with the lurking malice that is its survival horror roots.

I’m excited and I hope you are too…..I just hope I can run faster than you.

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