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Adonit: Writer for Ipad

I am looking forward to getting an ipad in a few weeks; I am trying to run 2 blogs, write for two additional websites, one newsletter and a few books. Not to mention I am a twitter addict (sigh) and gamer.
Anyhow, I hope to get the Adonit writer for Ipad. As soon as I do, I will give a thorough review, but just to break it down here:

-It is an IPAD case and keyboard.
– Specs:
Length: 246 mm (9.68”)
Width: 209.35 mm (8.24”)
Depth: 27.5 mm thin (1”)
Weight: 500 grams light (17.6 oz.)

– 3 Long Lasting AAA Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life:

* 1 Month of heavy use
* 2 Months of normal use
* 7 Months of standby use

– It looks wicked, like a mini briefcase but cooler.
-it’s on sale!

Check out Adonit at :

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