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Black Christmas and other festive things….

Black Christmas

Getting festive?

For our deranged family ( Ok…I’m the deranged one) we have a tradition of watching the ORIGINAL Black Christmas.It’s a classic. We had the fortune of watching it at a revival theater in LA, and that actor from A Christmas Story ( the one that got his tongue stuck to the poll, not the now porn star) gave a little intro speech. On top of that, John Saxon spoke for about 30 minutes!! HUGE fan of his work! And, my husband won some random porno.

I haven’t seen Black Christmas before and wasn’t sure what to expect, although the preamble sold me from the getgo. We loved it and now it goes along with Scrooged in our must watch movies of the holiday season. Oh, and Christmas Evil ( A MUST WATCH). Please note: there was a (gulp) remake of Black Christmas, and you want to avoid that at all costs. It will scare you to death, and not in a good way. In that ‘WHY….WHY????” way that many of us feel when we watch remakes. Yeah. Not a good feeling is it? So don’t go there.

What’s your favorite Christmas horror flick? I would love to know, seriously.

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