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Dark Shadows movie

So, Tim Burton and his familiar bunch are doing a Dark Shadows inspired flick. Sounded great to me, until I saw this photo, and then thought ‘oh that’s right, it will look like his crappy Willy Wonka, with the obvious makeup. NOT the Burton I grew up watching.’

I think Johnny Depp is a great actor, but I was so irritated by his Wonka portrayal that it put me off. And the latest Pirates movie looked very meh indeed.



Well I hope I am wrong about this, as both a pre overly CGI Burton fan and huge Dark Shadows addict.

What’s your take?

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  1. I myself have never seen Dark Shadows, however Tim Burton has over the years increasingly, at I think lost his artistic edge. Johnny Depp as a vampire is interesting, though one based on a TV series that was also a drama back in the day may be interesting to watch.

    • That is EXACTLY how I feel regarding Burton. I think it was good casting though, and look forward to seeing how Depp does. BTW there are actually two Dark Shadows movies, from long ago, and both were pretty good!


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