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You Can’t Have My Planet, But Take My Brother Please

Two out of three of my mom’s kids are writers- my brother Jim and I. I therefore let any galactic invaders take him as an offering…ok not really. It’s the title of his young adult novel, You Can’t Have My Planet, But Take My Brother Please so I had to throw that in there lol.

I happened to have gotten an advance copy of it ( after I threatened him, moaning on how I’m a blogger damnit and we deserve some clout…and freebies). I finished the book in 3 days and loved it. I’m saving my full review for later, but just to give you a taster, humans are about to be evicted from earth because we are bad tenants. We have screwed up the eco system, we’re destructive, etc. So now an alien realtor is looking to cash in big by selling it to some nasty aliens. Humans are to be evicted in four days…however, 12 year old geek and poet Giles has been given a test by the intergalactic judge: to prove humans can be good tenants. Since adults have screwed things up, it’s up to Giles and his 3 friends- along with the help of his cute alien attorney and a mad scientist- to clean up a really polluted part of the world….in only 24 hours.

Sounds cool? It is. Written for kids ages 9-13, the book is still very enjoyable for adults and has so many integral messages in it. One, we are bad tenants, and two, it most probably is up to kids to save the day ( it always has been). I love how Giles is a dork like me, and his adventures with the odd robots Dr. Sprinkles ( a blobesque mad scientist…who just so happens to be a woman with a shoe addiction….) concocts are pretty entertaining, making one want to go along with the quest to save the humans race from extinction…wait, I mean eviction!

The book is out in April ( by Macmillan) but can be preordered on amazon.


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